Got a Nagad account? Enjoy 30% cashback on your next two OBHAI rides Payment!

Ensuring the safest commute while enjoying 30% off, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? OBHAI’s offering you this amazing deal with the usual comfort and safety now!

To ensure your daily commute safe and secure, OBHAI has introduced a fully digital payment system last year and in the journey we have now ‘Nagad’ at our side!

Nagad is one of the most popular mobile wallet services in Bangladesh, and now if you pay your OBHAI ride payment by Nagad, you will enjoy a 30% cashback (up to Tk.70 per ride) on your next 2 OBHAI G or OBHAI CNG rides!

How to select Nagad for the payment method of your ride?

* Open OBHAI App and enter your desired location on the 'Where to' option

* Choose your vehicle and Nagad payment method from the payment options

* If you choose OBHAI CNG and OBHAI G™ as vehicle option and complete your payment via Nagad, you will get a 30% cashback (upto tk.70 per ride) on your next two rides

* OBHAI doesn’t automatically take a payment from your Nagad account. Therefore, you need to complete the payment confirmation once the ride is complete.

Payment Process via Nagad

To pay your OBHAI ride fare via Nagad follow the process mentioned below:

And here you are! All the way ready to enjoy your OBHAI rides with the amazing discount offer from Nagad. So, when you are planning to take your next OBHAI ride?