OBHAI is offering Amazing Discount Offer on bKash Payment!

Are you looking for a comfortable and safe commute with a seamless cashless payment experience? OBHAI is offering convenient payment for rides with bKash. Enjoy 15% discount (up to Tk 50) on your next three CNG and OBHAI G™ rides with bKash payment on OBHAI App.

How to add bKash on your OBHAI App?

* Enter the menu screen of your OBHAI App

* Tap 'Payment'

* Tap 'Add payment Option'

* Select 'bKash', tap 'proceed' and provide your bKash account information

* You will receive a verification code. Enter the code to successfully add your bKash account

How to select bKash for the payment method of your ride?

* Open OBHAI App and enter your desired location on the 'Where to' option

* Choose your vehicle and bKash payment method from the payment options

* If you choose OBHAI CNG and OBHAI G™ as vehicle option, you will get a 15% discount (upto tk.50) on your next three rides during the campaign period

* Once the ride is completed, make payment to the driver with bKash by providing the required information

* OBHAI doesn’t automatically take a payment from your bKash account. Therefore, you need to complete the payment confirmation once the ride is complete.

How to delete bKash account from OBHAI App?

* Enter the payment section of OBHAI App

* Tap on the saved bKash number

* Tap on the 'Remove Payment Method' option