Ensure your safest commute with OBHAI Insurance

Heavy traffic, unexpected weather and above all of it, commuting safe has always been the prime concern for Asif Mahmud on the road. Ride-sharing service used to make him feel safer, but that was just like it only before December.

One out of the blue incident while availing one of the most well-known transportation service has made Mr. Asif think and question about the overall safety process of transportation suddenly. Well, it may be a sudden thought for Asif Mahmud, but he is not the only person who has suffered from this concern.

Not only to ensure greater safety for its passengers like- Asif Mahmud, but also for the drivers too, OBHAI has now stepped forward to a new era- OBHAI Insurance.

Building a better tomorrow by ensuring a more convenient and comfortable commute has always been OBHAI’s primary concern. OBHAI always has believed that, only a happy and content driver can serve passengers better and holding this thought in mind, OBHAI is promoting not only its driver and passenger’s comfort, but also providing insurance package for the safest ride on the road.

Insurance Coverage

• Insurance coverage will be applicable to a trip by any vehicle of OBHAI to a distance maximum of 50 (fifty) km from the pickup point.

Benefit Schedules (Per Trip)

Benefits (To be distributed among Drivers and Passengers) Sum Value (Taka)
Accidental Death Benefit 200,000
Accidental Permanent Total Disability(PTD) 100,000
Natural Death Benefit(Complimentary) 10,000
Medical Treatment Coverage (including both outdoor and in patient treatment) To a maximum amount of 50,000

Accidental death/disability coverage benefit will be payable either to the insured or equally distributed among insured and passengers.

Learner Driving License holders are not qualified for enrolment as a subscriber, which means, the driver/rider has to be actual driving license holder.

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)

This insurance policy will be applicable if an insured member dies directly from an accident, during the trip, caused through external and violent means (except death due to any unlawful activities).

Accidental Permanent and Total Disability (PTD)

This insurance policy will be applicable in case of Total and Permanent Disability resulting from bodily injury directly through accidental injury during the trip which prevents the insured member from engaging in any business, occupation or work whatsoever for remuneration or profit and which disability has continued uninterruptedly for a period of at least six months

A subscriber will avail accidental hospitalization benefit according to the type of accidental injury, to a maximum of two accidents during the MoU period and insurance coverage at the actual cost of the treatment, but not exceeding Taka 50,000(Fifty thousand).

Natural Death Benefit (NDB)

In a case of death of any rider or captain of Obhai by any reason (except death due to AIDS/HIV related disease in any time, suicide), Pragati Life shall pay the sum assured as per schedule plan to Obhai for subsequent payment to the nominee of the deceased insured member. Customer/Passenger will be excluded from this benefit.

All these insurances are subject to the submission of proper documents.