Ride-Sharing Tips and Tricks

Ride-sharing services have soon become an integral part of our daily lives and commuting. According to an IDLC Monthly Business Review on ride-sharing, 500,000 people had used ride-sharing in 2017 alone.

With such a massive adoption of ride-sharing service, OBHAI brings you some tips and tricks to make your overall journey smoother. OBHAI is a fully homegrown ride-sharing service operating in a total of 23 cities as of March 2020. To make ride-sharing more enjoyable more convenient this article will talk about some of the ways you can make your experience better. Firstly, let's start with the basics.

Tip 1: When booking a ride, have GPS and Location services turned on

When you request a ride, OBHAI uses your phone's GPS to locate where you are and where the drivers are. This helps the app provide accurate and convenient pickups that are near to you so you do not have to walk miles to get into the car. It is as simple as that, make sure you allow OBHAI permission to GPS and location data to instantly make the pickup experience better.

Tip 2: Safety is priority

Ride-sharing is as safe as hailing a taxi from the streets except much more convenient. OBHAI does a background check on its drivers and its own MOTO riders, they go through rigorous training before they are let on the roads. With OBHAI, safety is never really a concern. But having said that, you can never be too careful. When getting on your ride, make sure the picture of your driver, the car model and license number matches with their profile on the app.

Tip 3: Know your route and follow the map

It is always best practice to know the best route to where you may want to go. While on the ride, check the map and ensure that the driver is taking the best route to get where you need to be. All our drivers are trained and groomed and will always keep the passenger's best interests in mind.

Tip 4: We are always here for you, even if your cell provider is not

OBHAI operates a 24/7 customer service call center (16633) where customers can call for any queries that they might have. Our trained customer service representatives will make sure your issue is fixed and attended to. You can also call our call center and ask to book a ride manually if you find yourself stranded without an internet connection.

OBHAI has always been at the forefront of ride-sharing innovation. It has introduced features like ObhaiMiles™, a point-based reward system for OBHAI's most frequent users. The app allows customers to choose from 4 primary modes of transport – OBHAI G (car), OBHAI MOTO, OBHAI CNGs and OBON, a female exclusive ride-sharing service in Dhaka.