The Future of Ride-Sharing in Bangladesh

The great thing about innovation is it comes in many different forms. It may slow down, yes, but never come to a complete stand still and when it comes to the ride-sharing industry, innovation is the only way forward.

OBHAI looks forward to the future of ridesharing in a very positive light with Bangladesh’s mobile internet usage expected to grow even more in the coming years. This surge of internet and smartphones into the hands of the people, allow availing convenient ride-sharing services and other internet-based services.

To cater to the needs of this future flood of new customers on the network, OBHAI is already covering many cities, a total of 23 for now across Bangladesh. With a positive outlook on the future of commuting and transportation, OBHAI believes there will be major changes in the way people view and experience ride-sharing.

1. People will be more inclined to not owning a car

Ride-sharing allows you to use shared resources in return for a small transactional fee and brings added convenience to daily commuting. With this, people's need for owning personal mode of transports might not be as necessary further in the future and hassles of owning one might soon be considered a thing of the past.

2. Competing on efficiency and seamless customer experience

The services in no-time will move towards more efficient and customer-centric operations as technological improvements are made. The more frictionless the experience can become in terms of calling a ride, getting picked up and payment, the greater the customer satisfaction and growth. With OBHAI’s four primary modes of transport and multiple payment options, customers can enjoy an easy ride-sharing service from start to finish.

3. New industry, new jobs

As it is with any new industry, it always creates new jobs and cash flow for the economy. People can earn a living registering with OBHAI as a driver giving them the freedom to make their own schedule and earn as much as they can. With no time limit on how much you can drive, the opportunities to earn are no longer bounded.

4. A greater push towards innovations in safety

Whether it is in the form of introducing new practical safety features in the app or making the public more aware of best safety practices, the industry is poised to see breakthroughs in safety standards. OBHAI has already implemented a 24/7 call service which customers can call for all sorts of queries. The app also has an SOS function in the app as well. OBHAI is dedicated to providing the safest and reliable services to its patrons.

OBHAI started its operations in 2018 providing its services in Dhaka and has come far from its humble roots. The app now covers a total of 23 cities including – Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, Rajshahi, Jashore, Mymensingh, Cumilla, Bogura and more.