The Future Is Here

OBHAI has always been committed to making our customers' lives easier, and with the dawn of a new year we aim to further our mission. We bring to you a new and easier way to ride safely to your favorite places and provide an all-round experience with the first of its kind WhatsApp platform. From the beginning of OBHAI’s journey, the homegrown ride-sharing company has ensured the best services for customers through the 24/7 customer care system. To that end, the company has come up with a new service system to cater in providing a prompter response to any and all customer feedback.

Services Offered

Now make your life easier and book a ride straight through your WhatsApp account and ride wherever you want to go by just sending a text to OBHAI WhatsApp in +8801313201222. The future does not end there, you can now check available services, download invoices of your past rides, register your complaints, request a refund, download the app, check referral codes, live chat with an agent or simply send us your suggestions through the customer suggestion feature; all accessible right at your fingertips through WhatsApp

Nobody Left Behind

Both new and old customers of OBHAI can benefit from this service and will be able to book a ride directly from WhatsApp, alongside the plethora of offerings which comes with. This service also acts as a safety net for our customers when their internet connection is not stable enough to handle opening the app. This just goes back to the reason the app existed in the first place: making sure our customers can get a ride when they want wherever they want.

This service goes beyond just providing our customers a new way to book a ride. We always strive for excellence in customer satisfaction and that is why you can also use OBHAI WhatsApp to communicate with the 24/7 customer service team with any queries, problems, or feedback that you might have! We’re always here to listen to our valued customers.

What Are You Waiting For?

Ride with the future today, ride with OBHAI directly from WhatsApp. Add +8801313201222 as OBHAI on your phone today and say "hi" to book your safe luxurious ride and get the complete experience.