OBHAI: The Special Features and Benefits

Ride-sharing has always been a battle of making the experience for the customers as seamless as possible. OBHAI from the time of its inception in 2018, has always been customer-centric by adding numerous customer-focused features like a point-based loyalty program, 24/7 call center and numerous safety features to comply with the government safety regulation of the country.

ObhaiMiles™ For the Loyal Customers

The app has introduced ObhaiMiles™, a point-based loyalty program for frequent users of the app. Customers get ObhaiMiles™ for each ride they take with cash payment. After accumulating a certain number of points, customers can redeem the points and pay for the rides they take with ObhaiMiles™. All you need to do is just set your payment method to ObhaiMiles™ and you are good to go.

24/7 Call Center and Offline Ride Booking

Internet usage and access are at an all-time high in Bangladesh compared to the past. But with all the technological advantages that our country had seen in recent years, you can still be caught without proper internet coverage.

In an aim to provide the best ride-sharing and commuting services to its customers under all circumstances, OBHAI allows its users to call its 24/7 call center and ask to book a ride for them – all without a proper internet connection. With such commitment to customer service, users of the app do not need to be always connected to the internet to avail OBHAI’s services. A feature that the company believes will greatly benefit all its loyal users especially in areas where the internet may not be the most consistent.

Customers can also call the call center for any sort of queries they might have regarding the service, app feature, safety and security as well.

Ride Now or Later – It Is All Up to You

With OBHAI, booking a ride now is easier than ever before. The tedious process of ride booking is no longer the same with our intuitive user experience and four different modes of transport – OBHAI G (car), OBHAI MOTO, OBHAI CNGs and OBON (a female exclusive ride-sharing service). OBHAI lets you to also schedule the rides for a future time which means passengers do not need to worry about how they are going to get to their destination and can focus on the task at hand.

360-degree Safety Solutions

In an effort to make OBHAI’s services completely safe for passengers and drivers alike, the app commits itself on keeping safety as a high priority. It has introduced an SOS button on the app which passengers can use in the case of an emergency. Moreover, the app also trains its riders and drivers to follow traffic laws and best commuting practices on the road.

With a vision of providing safe and reliable commuting to the people of the nation, the homegrown app has come far from its humble beginnings and now covers a total of 23 cities across Bangladesh. It prides itself on the journey it has had and is hopeful for the future of the app and transportation for the country.