Ride-Sharing: A Sharing Economy Essential

Technology’s impact in Bangladesh can be felt throughout our daily lives from ordering food online, connecting with the people in our lives and even calling a ride at the push of a button.Ithas augmented some of our most daily and analog tasks and made them a more digital endeavor, especially when it comes to ride-sharing.

An upshot of this growth in technologyin the country is that, it opens doors to new possibilities and ideas; a new and innovative way of doing the old. Ride-sharing is perhaps one of the most groundbreaking services to be born out of it.

“When you know transportation is always available right from your smartphone, all the probable hassle of time and security is taken care of, you can plan your day better without thinking about how you will get around” said Sadia Islam, an avid user of ride-sharing apps.

Ride-sharing is an essential component of what is called ‘The Sharing Economy’. By November, 2017 an estimated 500,000 commuters chose to use ride-sharing apps. The Bangladeshi ride-sharing industry is valued to be about $260 million in Bangladeshin 2018, according to Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh (PRI) study.

The work force of the country collectively loses an astounding 3.2 million hours per day due to traffic congestion according to Reuters. OBHAI, the homegrown ride-sharing app was born out of the need to provide people convenient, reliable and a faster form of transportation for their daily lives and help people achieve their dreams.

Travelling out and about in the city, no matter where you are, has its challenges. Dealing with traffic jams, the hassle of parking your car or motorcycle. Having a time saving option like OBHAI mitigates the need to wait in traffic and lets you be worry free.

OBHAI is a fully homegrown ride-sharing app offering 4 modes of primary transport – Gari (car), MOTO, CNGs and OBON (a service exclusive for females in Dhaka). With our app, booking is as easy as it gets.You can choose one of four modes of transport – Gari (car), MOTO, CNGs and OBON (an exclusive service for females available in Dhaka).With OBHAI’s trained drivers, it ensures the highest standard of safety and professionalism on the road. Users can also call our 24/7 customer care (16633) for assistance andeven book a ride though the center if you find yourself stranded without an internet connection. Having expanded operations in a total of 23 cities, OBHAI hopes to provide un-matched ride-sharing services to its customers. Being a Bangladeshi brand OBHAI stands at a unique position to cater to the country’s ride-sharing needs as it understands its people at a very national level.