Roam around the city with 20% OFF on OBHAI G and CNG rides!!!

Looking for the most comfortable and out-of-the-box experience on your next commute? OBHAI’s offering you every bit of it and a 20% discount on top of that on every OBHAI G (Car) and CNG ride.

To avail of the offer, add your existing bKash account in OBHAI App and enjoy a total digital experience in your OBHAI App with a total Tk.100 discount on any 2 OBHAI G or CNG ride by paying in bKash.

How to add bKash on your OBHAI App?

* Enter the menu screen of your OBHAI App

* Tap 'Payment'

* Tap 'Add payment Option'

* Select 'bKash', tap 'proceed' and provide your bKash account information

* You will receive a verification code. Enter the code to successfully add your bKash account

How to delete bKash account from OBHAI App?

* Enter the payment section of OBHAI App

* Tap on the saved bKash number

* Tap on the 'Remove Payment Method' option

Considering the safety issue for both the passengers and drivers, OBHAI announced “OBHAI Goes Fully Digital” this October 2021 and has taken the step to ensure all of its ride is being taken digitally. Unlike the other ride-sharing companies, to ensure instant payment for the drivers, OBHAI is offering Split-payment. While there are other options for the payment, bKash, and OBHAI in a combined way are offering something more, something extra and fun with the 20% discount (up to Tk.50 per ride) for its passengers this time!