Book ObhaiSheba™ directly through your OBHAI app now: Safest Emergency Commute Made Easy!

ObhaiSheba™, a much-known emergency vehicle service in Bangladesh, started its journey back in March 2020. At that time, it was a dedicated special travel arrangement of OBHAI G (sedan car) and OBHAI CNG for doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, hospital staff, and patients to commute to hospitals or healthcare centers and return home amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Later, to mitigate the increasing crisis of COVID-19 second wave, OBHAI resumed ObhaiSheba™ to serve all the people who needed emergency transportation according to Government’s regulation. While operating from 6:00 PM to 5:59 AM, OBHAI always has tried to make people’s lives better and within the process, thousands of people have received ObhaiSheba™ service for the emergency commute.

While keeping ObhaiSheba™ as a special travel arrangement before, this time to lessen mass people suffering and ensure the fastest service, OBHAI has incorporated ObhaiSheba™ as a faster and more convenient ride-sharing medium.

Now, passengers will be able to book ObhaiSheba™ through OBHAI App like the regular ride. In this process they have to-

• Download the OBHAI App

• Register and Log in to the App

• Select both pick-up and drop-off destination

• Select desired service from ObhaiSheba™ G and ObhaiSheba™ CNG

• Confirm that they have maintained all the safety protocols and are carrying movement pass/necessary documents

• Book the ride and pay after the ride completes with your preferred mode of payment

That’s it! Now with this easy process, you can enjoy the safest commute in the town.

Passenger safety has always been valued the most by OBHAI. To ensure it properly, in every ride, ObhaiSheba™-

• Ensures maximum health safety precautions

• Maintains regular driver monitoring to guarantee the safest ride

• Provides safety kit for the drivers and required hand sanitizer, tissue, etc. to the passengers

• Ensure 100% vehicle disinfection

• Offer cashless payment system

And last but not the least, for any further assistance, you can always reach OBHAI through its dedicated customer care center number 16633.

Lets’ book your ObhaiSheba™ ride then!