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Need extra safety ensured while on road in a CNG ride too? OBHAI feels your requirement and to make your regular CNG ride safer and more convenient, OBHAI is here for you with the on road, instant App ride taking option.

Is there a OBHAI CNG nearby and you don't have any internet available to download the app? Call the CNG and ask for OBHAI App ride. By following some very simple process, you will be able to easily book your OBHAI ride even manually and even enjoy 50% off (Up to Tk50) on the first ride by using Promo Code "CNG786".

1. The driver will ask for your mobile number

2. Once you provide him the number, you will get an OTP.

3. Once the rider input the OTP and tap on 'Start Ride' option, your OBHAI ride will automatically start.

Enjoy your easy to get, safer and comfortable ride with OBHAI with the most amazing deal from anywhere, any moment now!