Up to Tk.60 "FIRST RIDE PROMO" Offer for OBHAI Customers!

OBHAI never misses a chance to appreciate its customers. From the very start of their journey, OBHAI offers a token of gratitude to the customers. Customer enjoys a very special discount offer from OBHAI on their first ride with OBHAI, a first ride promo.

While using any mode of OBHAI ride- CNG or Car for the first time on OBHAI, a customer will be eligible to enjoy 50% discount (Up to BDT60) on one ride by using Promo Code: "obhai242".

To avail the offer, a non-OBHAI customer or an OBHAI customer with 0 ride have to-

1. Install, register and open OBHAI App

2. Choose and set their digital payment option

3. Go to the "Promo" screen and apply "obhai242"

4. Select their Pick-up and Drop-off location

5. Select their ride option and go for it by requesting ride!

From the very second ride, OBHAI will be there for customer with the other amazing discount deals to avail. Wherever you are, lifestyle brand OBHAI is always here to ensure you extra convenience, extra safety and comfort. To ensure your next ride better, go for OBHAI now!