OBHAI Express: The Fastest, Most Secure and Affordable Express Delivery Solution in the City

You are late for work. In your rush to get to work, you forgot to handover your daughter's lunch pack, who you dropped at school.

Meanwhile, your son calls from his university, says he has left his ID card home. He can't attend his mid-term exam without his ID card.

At work, your boss calls to inform that he is not feeling well and will not come to office today, but you have an important document which needs to be signed by him, today.

Is your daughter about to go hungry? Will your son miss his exam? How are you going to get that document signed on time?

OBHAI Express is the answer to your worries. Ship your daughter’s lunch, send your son's ID card and send the document to be signed by your boss using our express pick-up and delivery service! OBHAI Express brings you the fastest and most secure delivery service in the city, where we move your daughter’s lunch with (almost) as much care and attention as you have put into preparing it!

We complement your need to be agile and mobile, and make sure anything you leave behind catches up to you! For smaller parcels, up to 5 kilograms, OBHAI Express Moto will weave in and out of the tricky Dhaka traffic to move your parcels and documents swiftly, whereas OBHAI Express CNG will take care of your larger parcels and cooked food up to 20 kilograms which requires superior handling and protection.

Stay updated about your parcel's journey with our tracking technology, where you will receive a shareable tracking link, which will also provide visibility for the receiver of your parcels. The delivery of your parcel will only be confirmed upon sharing of a One Time Password (OTP), which adds an added layer of security to your parcel. To add to your convenience, payments for all our services are fully digital through bKash, Nagad, Visa card or any MFS or Debit/Credit card.

Also, if you are looking for an Express delivery solution for your business that requires fast and secure delivery, or you have further queries and suggestions, please reach out at or call our helpline at 16633 or 01313201222! We are available round the clock, all 7 days a week for you.