OBHAI’s Contribution Towards Better Ride-Sharing

Ride-sharing has started just about for 4 years in Bangladesh. This new and innovative way of commuting has brought forth many new possibilities and opened many new doors. But with all new things there will be hurdles, pain points and ways to improve.

Ride-sharing has seen its fair share of complaints from customers and stumbled now and then, but always got back on its feet. Customers are at the core of every good business and brand, and OBHAI understands this fact by always putting customers first.

With the new way of moving out and about in the city, some concerns were raised by the company. One particularly important and a very sensible one was about the safety of its customers and the drivers as well. Think about it, you push a button and a stranger comes to your location with their car to pick you up. Unless it is done in the right way, there will be risks.

OBHAI understands this and has taken numerous safety measures that keep the customer's best interest in mind. Firstly, it makes sure that all its drivers are trained to match OBHAI’s safety standards. OBHAI owned MOTO drivers go under extensive training before they are let on the roads and are equipped with high-grade safety helmets for riders and passengers. OBHAI G, the app's car service drivers have gone through background checks and training as well so that the company can ensure the utmost level of safety for its customers.

Another common complaint is some drivers are quite the reckless kind with complete disregard of traffic laws. OBHAI understands the issue and onlyrecruits drivers who have a valid driver’s license.

Training and license are one thing, but what about extra in-app safety features? To comply with government safety policies and to maintain the high safety standard it sets for itself, OBHAI has also implemented an SOS button in the app. A feature that it hopes no one has to use. Upon tapping the button, emergency services is contacted to assist in any sort of situation that may arise.

OBHAI, the fully homegrown ride-sharing company prides itself on the strides it has made towards customer safety and innovation in the ride-sharing space. The app operates a 24/7 hotline service (16633), which customers can call for any queries and book a ride when they find themselves without an internet connection. With its four modes of transport – OBHAI G (car), MOTO, CNGs and OBON (a female exclusive ride-sharing service in Dhaka) the company hopes to provide reliable, safe and convenient transportation to the people of the nation.